updated 1 September 2013

Flavors of Distinction, LLC

   About Us
Around 2007, while stationed in Hawaii, we ran across a product line used as marinades, salad dressings, barbeque and finishing sauces.  While the price was higher than what we would have liked, the flavor was VERY good, so we tried a few bottles.  We were impressed.  Experimenting with the various balsamic vinegars on salad dressings, the oils as marinades and the barbeque sauces on sausages, ribs and hamburgers led us to become very loyal customers.  The company name was Bistro Blends of the Napa Valley (www.bistroblends.com), and we had to agree with many other loyal customers:  they had a very good quality, flavorful and distinct product.

Upon receiving notice of our move to Colorado, we searched for the product again to make sure we had a some reserves for the grilling we just knew we would be doing much less the cooking.  That led us to read up on a business opportunity in the form of becoming a local distributor in the Colorado Springs area.  And here we are...

Because the Bistro Blends flavors are so distinct and flavorful, we came up with the name Flavors of Distinction, as we felt it would represent the product very well.

The Bistro Blends products are only sold online (www.bistroblends.com), at trade fairs, craft shows, and expos and we are looking to expand in various other venues such as hosting home shows and concession stands at various local businesses.  If you would like to order directly through us, feel free to contact us via email: flavorsofdistinction@gmail.com or simply give us a call: (719) 357-2461.

We strive to find new ways to enjoy all the products and pass on our suggestions and ideas to you, our customers.  Since we truly like the product and are probably our own best customers, we hope you will find as much enjoyment and satisfaction in the products as we have.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  

Thank you to all our returning and new customers!  
-Mac & Shelia McLaren